The News of La Gazette Des Arts No. 31 of march 15th, 2016

As we can see, some nice art exhibitions loom on the horizon in this year 2016...

While the theme of portrait is honoured, the Lam of Lille has a moving look at the work of Amadeo Modigliani, in dedicating to him a great exhibition. To be read in Les bons plans de la Dépêche. Let’s continue with our crush on Lela, an artist to the pallet full of symbols and enigmas... To be explored Du côté des artistes. While Echo de Psyché wonders about the pre-existing links between carnal pleasure and art of cooking on the occasion of the release of the book Les délices coquins by Mary S. published by Orphie. At last, let’s dedicate a specific focus to the 6th Biennale de Marrakech which, until may, honours art in all its dimension both pictorial and spiritual. A course worthy of interest ! To be seen in Actualité du marché de l’ Art. And to educate oneself or to entertain oneself, Le coin du bibliophile for a precious moment to share.

So enjoy your reading !
Artistically Yours
Georges LEVY


Les bons plans de la Dépêche

The inner eye of Amadeo Modigliani

Until next june, in partnership with the Réunion des musées nationaux, the Lam of Lille-Villeneuve d’Ascq honours Amadeo Modigliani. Through a course of more than 100 pieces, paintings and drawings, this is the work of the artist inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec, as well as by Cézanne, the Cubists or the blue Period of Picasso which is staged through his numerous portraits known from Montmartre or Montparnasse who are called Cocteau, Max Jacob, Soutine, Juan Gris, Blaise Cendrars or anonymous met, here and there, regulars of those mythical places.

A palette never retouched... For models who had, when striking a pose, the impression to have the soul exposed.

For this is by this approach that remains all the mystery of this artist, prematurely dead in 1920... whose first preview didn’t happen until 1917, for an exhibition immediately closed because of indecency. Ironically, when we know that - in november 2015 - le Nu couché, a major work of the creator reaches a record high of 170,4 million $ at an auction at Christie’s in New York.

At the beginning of one of the greatest french public collections, gathered by Roger Dutilleul and Jean Masurel, then having a passion for that art that achieved its finest hour in the XXth century and of which Modigliani remains the undisputed virtuoso... The exhibition questions about the meeting and the dialogue of the artist with the antique and Western sculpture, as well as about his practice of the subtle portrait.

A confrontation is then proposed with other symbolic actors of the artistic scene like Picasso, Kisling, Derain...

In a scenography skilfully studied, the visitor finds himself delved into the heart of a universe which commands admiration and of which we are far to know, today, all the outlines.

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°31 du 15 mars 2016


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Du coté des artistes...

The inner journey of Lela

A suggestive palette, fusion between figuration and abstraction; the work of Lela is a sum of crushes... A social fact, the look of Pouchkine, the patience of a fisherman waiting for the fish to bait the hook at last... Lela explores the depths of the soul through a shape, a line, the bent position of a shadow. A fragment accented by a shot of bright colours - in a mixed technique, oscillating between turquoise, the tones gold purple or pink - that her touch makes suddenly palpable. As if by magic, the character appears suddenly, revealing its image that the onlooker can decline in the infinity. Because abstraction is for Lela, this unconditional freedom that takes us farther on the paths of what is unspeakable, what is invisible which force our understanding to react to so much fervour expressed.

It’s a matter of acting out by the artist, of a motivation guiding his work, the place at the centre of an improvised theatrical stage. Letting the freedom of choice of a reading of which only our guardian angel knows the mystery.

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°31 du 15 mars 2016


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Echo de Psyché

When the art of cooking goes alongside poetic exaltation

Mary S., her name being Marie-Antoinette Séjean, nutritionist, psychosomatic specialist, author of many succesful books, puts in Les délices coquins the symbolic touch to that link between sensual pleasure and suggestive recipe.

An invitation to the pleasure of the senses that makes us discover a whole environment tinged with heat and literary illustration, taking us to the maze of a field she intends to explore infinitely. A colorful journey charming us with its attractions, the truth of its message.

Desire is at the centre of the book, on the tracks of the Art of loving by Ovide. An initiation to the art of love, especially of seduction.

Because this collection bewitches us, carries us away toward a misty sphere, where dream is source of life and of beauty.

Craze, joy and cheerfulness rhyme with laugh and humour.

Beginning its reading, that is spending a precious moment, tinged of fantasy for, for a while, allowing us to live an enchanting world that makes us escape the ambient depression. To be enjoyed without moderation.


Actualité du marché de l’Art

The sun is shining on Marrakech !

The 6th Biennale of Marrakech has just opened its doors...

For an appointment of the arts and of the culture that is going off, until the 8th of next may...

Occupying the city, its spaces and its sumptuous palaces Baya, Badia, Koutoubia... Turned toward the international, it is meant to be, as specified by the minister of Culture, Amine Sbihi « An artistic centre offering to the different disciplines, a privileged place in this metropolis with buildings steeped in history where culture has always been predominant. «

Jack Lang who took part in its opening stated that this edition was meant to be « brilliant, inventive, unlike any other, made up of multiple facets of the most ingenious... «

Many artists exhibit sculptures, paintings, Street Art, or achieve performances.

For a passing dream, Marrakech is a party.

To make many creators say, that here one feels so at home...

So Long live the Biennale, full of joy and of creative competition !

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°31 du 15 mars 2016


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Le coin du bibliophile

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°31 du 15 mars 2016Les délices coquins

Recettes d’amour érotiques et métaphoriques
Mary S.
Editions Orphie
12.50 Euros





La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°31 du 15 mars 2016Les deux chemins de la philosophie

André Glucksmann
Editions Plon
30 Euros






La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°31 du 15 mars 2016Kandinsky, philosophie de l’art abstrait

Philippe Sers
Editions Hazan
19.50 Euros






Bosch, le jardin des délicesLa Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°31 du 15 mars 2016

Reindert L.Falkenburg
Editions Hazan
74 Euros






Gauguin et l’Ecole de Pont-AvenLa Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°31 du 15 mars 2016

André Cariou
Editions Hazan
59 Euros






1933-1953, L’Art en périlLa Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°31 du 15 mars 2016

Cent oeuvres dans la tourmente
Stéphane Guégan
Editions Hazan
39 Euros




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La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°31 du 15 mars 2016

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°31 du 15 mars 2016