The News of La Gazette Des Arts No. 27 of november 15th, 2015

Real highlights mark the season

First of all the great success for its 7th edition of the Salon Business’ Art, which took place in october, with a panel of creators impressive with their eclecticism and their talent. For the 2016 session to live !

The craze for Picasso confronted by the contemporary artistic reality, to be read in Les bons plans de la Dépêche... To continue, within this month of photography, with the snapshots by Karl Lagerfeld, muse of french fashion, to notice Du côté des artistes. While Echos de Psyché makes us think about the links existing between art and psychosis, with the account of Gérard Garouste... Surprising !

Then as indicators confirm it to us, the rise of Moroccan creation surprising with discoveries, reactive and dynamic. Past and present, it strengthens the cultural link between the Moroccan kingdom and the West. Not to be missed in Actualité du marché de l’art.

An adventure that we are following, step by step, in our columns and more specifically in Art Cotations News which studies its market.

Finally for inquiring or for amusing oneself, our delicious selection of books, in Le coin du bibliophile !

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Les bons plans de la Dépêche

Picasso has real screen presence on the parisian painting

Exhibition at the Grand Palais, thirtiest anniversary of the museum named after himself located at Hôtel Salé, in the Marais. Picasso is celebrated !

Out of the twenty or so monographic or collective events that happened since his death in 1973, the exhibition Picasso.mania seems to be the logical following of Picasso et les maîtres presented in 2008, at the same place... A course that was confronting past and present, beyond stylistic breakings and formal innovations, coming across all along the master’s painting, icons such as Greco, Vélasquez, Goya, Ribera or Poussin.

Here we are now questioned by this emblematic figure and the resulting print that he leaves on contemporary creation.

« Confronted by Picasso’s work, you feel a shock resulting from this intensity, this power. It is irresistible and totally universal « says Didier Ottinger, the exhibition’s commissionary.

The dialogue with visual artists is natural, inescapable, so huge his creation is.

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015

A precocious genius, committed artist and precursory, inventor of modern art, seductive, patriarch, Picasso’s image never stopped evolving. Thus suggesting its review or even its adaptation on canvas still free from any inspiration.

Appearing, as soon as 1960, as one of the leaders of rising Pop art, Roy Lichtenstein paints, for instance, a first series of art works inspired by Picasso, portraits, still lifes, from the series of the Femmes d’ Alger... He simplifies its images, ending in giving them a status of popular icons.

Romuald Hazoumé’s masks appear, on their part, as a hymn to what Picasso discovers in African art.

The elaboration of plastic signs that will assure the development of synthetic cubism as well as an aesthetic solution leading to sucked up liberty.

While David Hockney, reinventing XXIst century’s cubism, multiplies points of view, composing the image of jugglers and acrobats out of the great curtain of Parade.

Artistic phenomenons that easily show that the master’s work still is topical, that he inspires vocations, giving to the universe of art, this vitality and energy bath, which Picasso.Mania perfectly illustrates.


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Du coté des artistes...

The protean objective of Karl Lagerfeld

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015

Karl Lagerfeld is a full creator... At the same time designer, photograph and fashion designer, the aesthete explores the multifaceted changing style not to say mutating with time.

He embraces architectural structures, narrows the borders and redraws landscapes.

The exhibition Karl Lagerfeld « a visual journey « presented at the Pinacothèque shows a singular artistic universe, made of suppleness and elegance. Playing with the patterns, the subjects dealing with Paris by night, but also with the phenomenon of abstraction and his indisputable taste for graphical arts as well as for installations which Daphnis et Chloé or Le voyage d’Ulysse illustrate.

Photographic snapshots which constitute his passion for the instant, for the underlying mayfly.

Never to repeat oneself, going faster than light... Being familiar with seeing ourselves in one another, its imaginary interpretation, giving to his technics, the review it is good to appreciate, to make evolve a discipline that doesn’t stop questioning us everyday.


The incarnation of italian soul

Shy and reserved, Angelo Maggi has just been awarded the 1er Prix de peinture Artistes du monde in Cannes in september this year.

A painting, a sculpture as well as a scenography that reflect together the history but also the myths of Italy, its relics, the landscapes’ shadow and its legendary muses. The scarifications of those patterns, perfectly designed, directly refer to the Ancient World, its richness and therefore to the time we cannot control and which remains the cornerstone of every civilization.

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015

So many significances which mean that the peninsula appears, through his paintings, like a land of wisdom full of philosophy. The innocence and the meditative position of his symbolic characters give to his work, a particular style at the same time full of fervour but also of thought upon the evolution of a world puzzled by so much laxness and incomprehension.

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015

And however, with their eyes closed, his actors seem to dream about other forms of wandering which will give to the universe, peace and joy regained.

The sun-drenched environment, glowing with colours confronting the ochre shades of his heroes is a hymn to the Mediterranean.

The impalpable feminity that rules the world, provides a new momentum and uplifts the soul toward other horizons.

His work reassures, soothes.

A delight for our misled eyes !


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Echo de Psyché

Encounter with the unspeakable

« One night, I come across a man on a country road. He stops and explains to me that humanity is divided into two categories of individuals: the Classics and the Indians. They are inseparable, always walk in making a pair. An Indian never gets around without his Classic, as well as intuition cannot do without reason ».

Those sentences out of L’Intranquille. Autoportrait d’un fils, d’un peintre, d’un fou, a book written with Judith Perrignon published by L’iconoclaste, show the feeling of faintness of a creator watched out by madness by the roadside.

A progress, an ecstasy, a distraction that he could master with strength and conviction on a canvas become surrealist... He who claims to be more comfortable in myths and in reading the Bible than in front of the lives of others. Declaring that the painting is his friend.

Conscious, almost in an euphoric delirium, who more than he knew to border on the Talmud, the myths and legends, the dark forces, the tensions, the twistings, the allegorical or supernatural figures to give them all the energy of the rising image, in making them have a dialogue in the form of a wordless gesture game.

Art is for the artist: «a way to accede to knowledge. Art allows to express the unspeakable, to reveal what, without it, would have remained hidden...»

To meet Gérard Garouste, his universe, it is leaving along the way, toward a metaphysical discovery that the artist has not finished to study and to go further into in order to reveal a creation always more intense and brighter with the originality we know about.

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015


Actualité du marché de l’Art

When Morocco surprises the world !

Political stability, strong economic growth, Morocco managed to take advantage of the situation to open up to international trade. Showing its focuses, acceeding to globalization then attracting many investors. A new Eldorado ? This term is not further from the truth... Because all the fields are concerned by this upturn. Chairman of the Fondation nationale des musées, Mehdi Qotbi even declared that: « Culture is the major vector of the economic growth ».

Creation becomes emancipated, releases itself to give the best of itself. An informal revival that has set ablaze the artistic universe, since the sixties.

A lot of events illustrate the will to make known a territory rich and complex at the same time Berber, jewish, with phoenician, roman, arab or african influences. An identity that the Kingdom defends with the establishment of structures adapted, in order to highlight that artistic ferment, in all its forms, in all its splendour.

Let us specify that the exhibition Le Maroc contemporain presented at the IMA has gathered about 85.000 visitors. That the creation of the musée Mohammed VI d’art moderne et contemporain in Rabat is the first museum entirely dedicated to that theme. On 6813 square meters, those are 150 artists and about 400 art works that are presented. That in  2016-2017, Marrakech will open a new museum... the MACAAL (musée d’art contemporain africain Al Maaden). It is about, for the managing director of the Fondation Alliances who leads the project, Alexandra Balafrej, « Being able to make available art to more people. To confront it to the look of novices or of dedicated amateurs »...

With what the painter and gallery owner Mohamed Rachidi names the new artistic attitudes in Morocco... Including digital art, technology, installations, videos not to forget the classical dimension of an art beared by the greatest creators since the beginning of the XXth century.

Crossroads between Africa, the Orient and the West, Morocco wonders, reinterprets its history, meditates on time and space. But also on the place of art in society, its role, its place in the environment. An hybrid culture, abundant which sees the arrival of new collectors like Xavier Guerrand-Hermès, vice-chairman of the famous brand, who is a fervent regular customer of Moroccan creation.

Abstraction being generally considered as an artistic rule, everyone is aware, today, of a conventional art.

Art of Morocco then is on full display, with its flow of talents which creates an exploding market. To complete this purpose, a new financial law has just been passed, this year, allowing the launching of a governmental strategy of culture, which will be established in 2020.

A first step that says a lot...


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Le coin du bibliophile

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La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015L’Intranquille. Autoportrait d’un fils, d’un peintre, d’un fou.

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Les chefs-d’oeuvre d’art africains et européensLa Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

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Henri Moussima Njango
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La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°27 du 15 novembre 2015