The News of La Gazette Des Arts No. 26 of october 15th, 2015

As usual, october is a busy month. This is the time of great exhibitions, where art, whether it is contemporary, modern, or stemming from the scene that is happening attracts many collectors coming from all over the world. The art exhibition you need... Business’ Art is the not-to-be-missed event ! Portrait in Actualité du marché de l’art. art exhibition you need... Business’ Art is the not-to-be-missed event ! Portrait in Actualité du marché de l’ Art... Anecdotal, frivolous and light; Splendeurs et misères, histoire de la prostitution de 1850 à 1910 invites us to the banquet of a social fact that inspired all genres of creation, at the dawn of disillusion brought by history. To be seen in Les bons plans de la Dépêche. While Echos de Psyché fairly pays a tribute, 55 years after his death, to Albert Camus and his theory of the absurd. For its part, Du côté des artistes takes us, behind the scenes of the Parcours Bizarro which, through its creations, puzzles Saint-Germain-des-Prés. And our selection of books all very fascinating to explore in Le coin du bibliophile !

Faithfully yours
Georges Lévy


Les bons plans de la Dépêche

FIAC 2015’s youthful bloom

Attracting more and more people, mature, the FIAC which will take place from october 22nd to october 25th, is the artistic mirror of a moving world.

Panorama of a changing 42nd edition.

Great novelty for this 2015 edition. Because of the United Nations Conference, upon the climate change that will take place in Paris in december, the FIAC at the Grand Palais and Officielle, at the Docks - Cité de la mode et du Design - stand up for the environment. In order to promote the ongoing reorganization of the banks, they federate, for the first time, the parisian cultural institutions with Musées en Seine. A program linking, by waterway, the places of exhibition located along the Seine, as well as the sites of its catalogue Hors les Murs.

Thus, this year, the operation speads from the parisian West with an intervention at the Maison de la Radio, up to the BNF presenting, at the moment, an original exhibition around Anselm Kiefer’s books.

« A strategy that, through this new cartography, allows a breathing of the event « underlines Jennifer Flay, the FIAC’s artistic director.

Respectively on both sites, more than 360 artists and exhibitors stage many talents in an original scenography, with highlights like the impressive crystal art work by Wu Tsang made by Swarovski displayed on the Grand Palais’ grandstand.

A large range that therefore offers a fair balance between modern and contemporary arts inter-related to the scene that is happening. As a proof, the young artists pre-selected for the Prix Marcel Duchamp are Davide Balula, Neil Beloufa, Melik Ohanian or Zineb Sedina. Not to mention the major contemporary art actors who will be present, during the whole event, such as Wim Delvoye, Xavier Veilhan, Murakami, Richard Serra, among others. To cater for the market, new international galleries join the movement. Let us mention the Regen Project gallery from Los Angeles that will present Mathew Barney’s art works or Tania Bonakdar, the New-York gallery... In a new impetus, mixing all art forms and disciplines, the FIAC & Officielle 2015 confirm that the contemporary art phenomenon is fast-changing.


The naughty adventure…

Full of naughty spirit, the exhibition Splendeurs et misères – La prostitution de 1850 à 1910 presented at Orsay invites us to question about the role of sex in art, its fantasies and its deliriums.

While a conference on sex and naive art will take place… Offensive !

To finish with the illustration of photographer Michel Cordebar and of his erotic directing, satiric sometimes where mockery and irony are mixed up, about a society trapped in its lost illusions.

Who would have guessed, that one day, one could have the audacity to look into the particular theme that represents « that world’s oldest profession », that is to say prostitution.

After the tribute given to Sade, the musée d’Orsay becomes ardent with this modern subject, representative of the parisian society of the second half of XIXth century. Because brothels never stopped fascinating intellectual and artistic fields. From Degas to Toulouse-Lautrec via Van Gogh, all of them were inspired by the feverish atmosphere of brothels, by their joy and their melancholy.

An initiatory passage for men, but also a period when prostitutes and women form an indistinct and threatening identity…

Incarnation of all vices.

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

Boldine - scène de fête

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

Guys - Hommes attablés en compagnie de femmes

Walls covered with red, subdued lights, long corridors to finish with a sofa ; a scenography that makes us relive the atmosphere of those brothels between the Second Empire and the Belle Epoque !

Let us continue with the interrogation between sex and naive art – which will be the subject of a conference soon – through the works of Henry Darger, Aloïse Corbaz, Miroslav Tichy or Eugène von Bruenchenheim. How did naive Art’s artists embody those drives, in their painting, their drawing or photography ? To which extent, is the artist’s sexual life involved in the work ?

While eroticism in Michel Cordebar’s photographs transmutes sexuality into courtship display to mock society and its attributes.

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

Cordebar - La fête

Frigid women with heavy breasts, false virgins who cover their faces, chuckling before an ambiguous reality… Unlikely mastery of a world with hybrid forms, meaningless.

The artist’s work is pure, sensual, sometimes disturbing. With bodies acting in raptures… Dreaming of somewhere else that we don’t describe anymore, to which we think, without really believing.

Eroticism seems to be, for the creator, an exultation, the dark side of a melancholy that dresses our souls.



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Du coté des artistes...

The Bizarro route in celebration !

« Bizarre, bizarre... Vous avez dit bizarre !»

An open-air curiosities cabinet, as Buffon would have liked it, celebrating contemporary creation and its strange additions, fantastic between science and anatomy or insane work, giving rise to the illusion of lost worlds, of nice hybrid hybrid monsters, endowing with mechanics, the attentive gaze that deliberately scrutinizes the world and sends us back to its image.

There the creation is pure, genuine, singular by the materialization of its objective, inspiring sensation and surprise.

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

« An autumnal event that highlights Saint-Germain-des-Prés. We are working with 4 galleries sensitive to our approach, underlines with satisfaction Géraldine Banier, the  gallery’s manager as well as the project’s initiator.

This is the permanent dialogue between modernity and the ancient art works gathered.»

After Mondes perdus, Aphrodisia, here is L’ illusion... A whole program to explore, through the small end of the telescope, until october 31st.


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Echo de Psyché

Albert Camus’ fight

January 4th, 1960... The fall. And Camus’ life came to an end ! Such an absurd death that happened at the bend in an A-road... A philosophy which he was going to put into practice, to exercise in great detail. Sisyphe will be the demonstration of this meaningless universe... This rolling stone will be its paroxysm, conceived like the inevitable setback of what we are used to live. Why? To carry us along toward death that we fear so much !

In the deadly light of that destiny, uselessness appears... In fact, this is not the world that is absurd but the confrontation of its irrationality and of this desire distraught with clarity which call resounds deep inside men.

Awarded the Nobel Prize in literature - in 1957- Albert Camus will have left his mark on his era. Free of thinking, making of the Absurd and its new purity, his issue... he will have fighted toughly - during all his life - for humanity in its quest for power and fraternity.


For Versailles to live...

Versailles is the greatness that glorified the Roi-Soleil !
An heritage which he protected carefully, he who began to make the Park before building the Castle. Proud, he wrote a book out of it, named Manière de montrer les jardins de Versailles. A guide of the best points of view and perspectives which he kept for visitors, when he wasn’t guiding them, himself, through groves and flower beds.

Placed under the sign of Apollo, the gardens illustrate the omnipotence of the solar god, who, overcoming the chaos, arranges the cosmos in order. Their creator masters the earth and the plants, waters, harnessed and domesticated like the sky which ponds and ornamental lakes reflect.

According to Pierre-André Lablaude, «the garden is not an island anymore, refuge in the middle of an hostile world. It is on the contrary, consequently to Le Nôtre’s thinking and in a colbertienne vision, more economic and political, some space, even the heart and the generative principle of a new planning.» Its wide alleys mark the starting point of a large flow network which he is planning to see shining over the whole kingdom, bringing civilization... proclaiming his power !

« This is not the creation of an ideal world inside a universe of chaos, but a way to organize, from the garden, the whole universe.»


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Actualité du marché de l’Art

Business’ Art: the art exhibition of all horizons !

For its 7th edition in a row, the exhibition Business’ Art never stops innovating.
Listening to the artists, observing the latest tendencies, the evolution of a changing market, open to the world, Business’ Art is the showcase of a moving universe, of artists creating, joining technologies to performances.

Let us mention, around Zaza Noah, guest of honor... The presence of creators with surprising and promising workmanship like Kamel and his characters taken on the spot, Jacqueline Gallicot Madar and her hymn to humanity, or also Cordebar’s irony and his look on society...

A few examples among the 180 artists exhibited that show the profusion of a discipline that, beyond criticism, is far from vanishing. Very much alive, it illustrates everyone’s feeling, their complexity, their vision of today.

In ongoing dialogue with economics’ actors, this exhibition’s particularity still is to use this opportunity to allow artists to comprehend the riches of the world and to follow the market fluctuations.

Business’ Art is there to help you reach the highest step and recognize the creator, who deserves it !

Let it live and support you for a long time...

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015


Art Cotation... the website which looks like you !

Great news, while Art Cotation News puts its magazine online... Art cotation is a new-look website !

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

Easy to use, relevant it allows you - since october 15th - to auction your art works, with one click of the mouse, during two weeks renewable, as many times as you wish, giving yourself the possibility to change your artistic profile, directly, and at a lower cost.

Moreover, our platform conceived, to help you, a didactic record informing you upon its course. A revolution !

A showcase that connects you directly with the purchaser or any other actor of economic life. An ongoing dialogue which is necessary to develop, to open art to all horizons.

The artist is aware of history. Its news are red-hot.

Art Cotation guides you, in your approach, to gain market access.

Take the opportunity to rebound...

Register, like so many others, and join our platform, you will be surprised !


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Le coin du bibliophile

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015Chagall et la musique

Ambre Gauthier
Editions Gallimard







La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015Sigmund Freud et le fantôme d’Oscar Wilde

Danielle Morris et Christian Morris
Editions L’Harmattan








La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015Que peut (malgré tout) l’Art ?

Jean-Marc Lachaud
Editions L’Harmattan








Fenêtre sur l’artLa Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

Zeus et ses Dieux
Pierre Pelou
Editions L’Harmattan







Hugo Pratt, la traversée du labyrintheLa Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

Jean-Claude Guilbert
Editions Plon








Filmer des spots de pub, un métier aventureuxLa Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

Jacques Arnaud
Editions L’Harmattan








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La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°26 du 15 octobre 2015