The News of La Gazette Des Arts No. 25 of september 15th, 2015

It is launched, it is the start of the new school year... From art to literature through the heritage days saddened, internationally, by the progressive destruction of Palmyre... The program is rich.

Let us see Fragonard amoureux at Luxembourg, Picasso Mania at the Grand Palais, Andy Warhol at Tokyo as well as a review of classics at the Centre Pompidou around Bacon, Bataille, Breton or Cocteau.

New for this new season, celebrating its 1st anniversary, you will now find la Dépêche de la Gazette des Arts, on the 15th of each month, with more news within the same usual sections that you are more and more numerous to enjoy... Suggesting through art exhibitions or célébrations... the best of the artistic agenda!

So have a good trip and good luck!

Artistically yours
Georges LEVY

Les bons plans de la Dépêche

Louis XIV or the reign of cultural prestige

Three centuries ago, on september 1st, 1715, the «Roi Soleil» passed away... A star emblematic to him, so great was his reign!

The king was passionate with conquest but also with art, making understand to nobility that as the master of the kingdom, he controls wars as well as pleasures.

Therefore it is Under its aegis that cultural prestige asserts itself thanks to royal sponsorship in favor of famous artists like Molière, Boileau, Racine, Lully and Le Nôtre, favoring the apogee of french classicism that he qualified, while still alive, as «Grand Siècle»!

A true amateur of ballets, concerts and drama, the king founded in 1661, l’ Académie de Danse where are trained the dancers of the Ballet de la Cour.

Moreover, the monarch builds. He first starts the works to improve the Louvre. Then he orders the extension of the Château de Versailles with its large galleries, becoming the model to copy for all Europe. He makes his court the most entertaining of Europe, in allowing a diversity of intellectuals to shine, expressing themselves with a language which eloquence and elegance make all other royal courts jealous.

Louis XIV impresses!

An era when artistic Genius took all its sense... Everything had to promote the strength and the magnificence of an absolute monarch whose reign remains forever in our memories, dazzling eyes with so many splendors all around...

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

Contrasting Perspectives upon Divinities in the Mediterranean Sea

A cradle of civilization, the basin grouping, among others, Egypt, Greece and Rome has taught us -since the Antiquity- what human relations with divine representations have lead to.

Presented at the Mucem, Migrations divines -through about two hundred art works from IIIrd and IInd centuries before J-C until IIIrd century of our era- testifies to that secular approach meaning a quest for eternity, a desire for immortality alive in every spirit.

At the crossroads of meetings and exchanges favored by intensive trade, the successive military conquests, dialogue between intellectuals, antique civilizations have shaped renewed theological forms. The moving away of the Empire’s traders contributed to the discovery of other unknown cults. An opening toward other values that have lead to integrations, superimpositions or even to metaphors of origin’s beliefs.

Egypt, hellenized since the creation of Alexandria by Alexander The Great has thus lead to, at its peak, that faculty to propose to Egyptians, heirs of ancient Pharaonic dynasties, new divinities that we all have in memory.

A syncretism that is therefore similar to and in full symbiosis with this strength, this superiority, this call for divine indulgence.

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015


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Du coté des artistes...

The Bozenna catalog: a revelation

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

Published at Encre digitale, Bozenna is the mythical symbol of an unusual work as it has style, being full of light and endless metaphors.

Pages that we look at as we would read a novel, with delight, impressed with the methodical detail of a situation which hyperrealism invites us to the dance of an endless mirage.

Bozenna’s look is full of intensity. In her words, the verb becomes a message.

Each syllable goes back to our scathing everyday life. A strike force which issue we don’t control. But a real enigma, a whole universe made of poetry, singing and innocence where a chick’s down, the splendor of a sea bed, the remarkable spirals of a shell bring us back to the shores of our childhood, whose soul, in her paintings, is still haunting us. Bozenna produces as we breathe, with a new blow...

An hymn to life where beauty and harmony perfectly rhyme with humour and derision marking our existence with joys and sorrows.

A whole program revisited and corrected by an aesthete perfectly mastering her subject.

* Bozenna will be on sale at the Salon Business’ Art, from october 23rd to october 26th, 2015, at the Espace Pierre Cardin.


The travelling soul of Manu the «Surréabuliste»

Fearless, rebellious, on the lookout for the slightest detail that will make all the difference... And for good reason, the imagination overflowing, constantly in quest of what tomorrow will be, absorbed with his trips, from which he keeps the best moments in memory...

Manu exults, fiddles with his painting, stages a scenario.

Almost a theatral act offered to the world!

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

Manu surprises, subjugates with the result of his research, flies away like his paintings, always higher.

Carried away by a light breeze, Manu doesn’t stop exhibiting. International Art Gallery, Business’ Art at the Espace Pierre Cardin for October, in order to carry on with Israel Art Fair in November, without mentioning many regional events.

A very busy time... A headful of bubbles!


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Echo de Psyché

Utrillo-Valadon... morbid complicity

Thoughts about the universe of two monstres sacrés: Maurice Utrillo and his mother Suzanne Valadon. Crossed paths, parallel sphères, joined, reflecting one another; those two artists managed to master history and to dazzle the artistic field of the era..

Cursed, Utrillo,thus named for his well-known alcoolism, remains an emblematic figure, original portrait of mythical Montmartre, remaining- forever-engraved in our memories. Dark streets, empty and almost scary... Utrillo aims at depicting an atmosphere, and a feeling of faintness corresponding to the mood of a man broken by the hold - too strong - of a dominant mother who brought a new light in a mostly masculine world. A bet she knew how to win while Utrillo was being destroyed...

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

To the painting full of references to classicism, does answer the fleeting style of Utrillo who gets lost at the crossroads of a naive inspiration, so that we can compare him to the Douanier Rousseau.

Two places where the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead. To the ghost portraits, with the desert ambiance without hope of life, neither the shade of resurection, is joined the joyful and rich world of an artist at the peak of her art!

Duality, mix up... Whatever the words used, two interventions that will mark for a long time the world of painting for this half-century.

A la peinture pleine de références au classicisme et à Degas de Suzanne Valadon répond le style fuyant d’un Utrillo qui s’égare au cheminement d’une certaine inspiration naïve, pour que l’on puisse le comparer au Douanier Rousseau.

Deux interfaces où se mêlent le monde des vivants mais aussi celui des morts. Aux portraits fantômes, à l’ambiance déserte sans espoir de vie, ni l’ombre d’une résurrection, se joint le monde foisonnant et joyeux d’une artiste au sommet de sa plénitude !

Dualité, chassé-croisé... Quelque soient les qualificatifs employés, deux interventions qui marqueront durablement le paysage de la peinture de cette moitié de siècle.


Dali and the Holy Land

We know that Dali’s mystic vein has often reached phantasmagorical dimensions.

Holy Communion, crucfixion, madonna were among his artistic environment.

During 20 years, he is looking into the Bible’s illustration. His love for Gala, a jewish of russian origin, leads himto the study of judaism. He has a passion for the Holy City of Jerusalem that was the residence, according to the Old Testament, of David and his land’s capital. Salomon, his son and successor continued the development of the city.

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

From 1950 to 1980, Dali has written, illustrated and created numerous works concerning the theme of judaism and of the State of Israel, among others original gouaches, sculptures, jewellery (medals) about the «Menorah» and the «Wailing Wall».

Five meters high, Salvador Dali’s Peace candlestick was unveiled on july 21st, 1998 at Ben Gourion airport in Tel Aviv. «This menorah, symbol of light and peace, will shine on the whole world.

Each person arriving in Israel will then be absorbed by its strength and by its message for universal peace» the authorities said at the time.

Dali’s mystery has not finished to surprise us!


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Actualité du marché de l’Art

When Internet balances the Art market

For a long time now the medias have run as a headline that the economic crisis is endless...

However the Art market often sets records. Les joueurs de cartes by Paul Cézanne sold 250 millions dollars, the No 5 by Jackson Pollock attributed for 140 millions dollars...

While Sotheby’s record track was sluggish, the auction house wished to insist upon the success of its online strategy.

A process that has made improve the sales by 38%, in the last few months.

Convinced with the importance of internet for the art market, Sotheby’s wanted to associate its know-how with the one of eBay’s. A partnership that allows to outbid on about all the auction sales from a smartphone or a tablet computer.

According to Sotheby’s eBay and Unvaluable, another online auction house, the number of collectors ready to order for purchasing an art work would have increased by 55%.

Deals that are made through video systems allowing to follow all transactions live


Cancellation of Singapore Art Fair 2015

The 2015 edition of Singapore Art Fair will not take place. Probably because of «differences of opinion with the Singaporean partner MP». The first edition of Singapore Art Fair took place from november 27th to november 30th, 2014. Many galleries came to that event. 59 exhibitors, from 22 countries, were present. It allowed to create a link between artists coming from the Middle-East, North Africa, as well as South-East Asia. And the asian purchasers.

However international art exhibitions are more and more numerous and the environment becomes more and more competitive.

Negotiations are being run at the moment so that the 2016 edition might take place.


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La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015

La Dépêche de la Gazette Des Arts N°25 du 15 septembre 2015