Published once every three months, La Gazette des Arts is a way of promoting international contemporary art. Free and independant, the magazine is recognized in art’s world. Presenting every type of artistic production, such as painting, sculpture, photography, cinema, drama or even fashion. Its specificity remains in its opening, the only key word is talent, that appears in all freedom, through the diversity of reports and portraits of artists of all identities. Existing since 1986, the magazine was in the first place a publication within the Association pour la Promotion des Artistes Indépendants (A.P.A.I.). It was dedicated to artists and other professionals of art members of the association. La Gazette des Arts is a necessary mean to help artists within the specific world of art market.

Since 1999, la Gazette is published freely in galleries, art exhibitions, hotels, palaces and all artistic places. The magazine’s target is changing, its material is progressing. It is about promoting the artists, still keeping in mind the strong will to help them in their professional and artistic steps. Each number keeps most of its pages for artists and galleries.

It takes its new form in 2007, with an A4 size, to be distributed at newsagents’, in addition to other places existing before.

A major communication mean for art professionals, the magazine is made of different reports. The important thing remains the work of artists, by publishing reports or interviews that are written by art critics or artists themselves. Moreover, files are regularly updated in order to help artists in their evolution through the artistic world. That is why la Gazette des Arts offers reports concerning enterprise sponsorship, thanks to its partnership with Business Art (Art exhibition), structures dedicated to artists (Maison des Artistes, art galleries…) and provides a quotation list of the artists presented in the publication (Art Cotation). In order to present a large part of art market promote its own artists. Different portraits of contemporary art actors make the gallery’s contents richer and allow readers to have a better knowledge of art world. Also the magazine shows texts about the latest exhibitions not to be missed, salons and other events whom it is in partnership with, etc…

Apart from a periodical publication, la Gazette des Arts publishes special files during special events such as the Salon Business Art or the Salon des ArtistesIndépendants. Its website allows to have access to all its events and news, galleries and artists members, old publications of la Gazette.

Still aiming at promoting artists, the Gazette is also a partner of events like the Salon Business Art but also the art books’ edition.